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Monthly Subscription




Hosting Charges $0 $0 $0
Number of Users *($5 per each additional user) 1 7 10
Start for Free Start for Free Start for Free
Website at Your Own Domain
Website Builder
Visual Page Builder
500+ Website Snippets and Blocks
Premium Templates
Website Pages 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Service Listings*eCommerce edition support selling services online 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Blog Articles 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL
SEO Optimization Guarantee
HIPAA Compliant
Quotation Forms
Quotation Forms Contact Us Form Unlimited Unlimited
Inline Forms
Modal Pop-up Forms
Calendars and Appointments
Calendars 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Appointments per Months 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Convert Leads to Appointments
Appointments Reminders by Email
Appointments Reminders by SMS 50*Additional messages will be charged at the rate $0.09 per SMS 100*Additional messages will be charged at the rate $0.09 per SMS
Convert Orders to Appointments
Leads Management (CRM)
Leads records per month 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Leads from Booking Forms
Leads by Email
Leads by Phone*Call charges will apply at the rate $0.02 per minute
Virtual Phone Numbers*Additional numbers can be added at the rate of $5 per month. 1 Number*Additional numbers can be added at the rate of $5 per month. 1 Number*Additional numbers can be added at the rate of $5 per month.
Call Recording for Leads by Phone
Send Email to Leads
Send SMS to Leads
Email and SMS Templates
Action List for Leads
Multi-user and Assign Leads to Owners
Download Leads to Excel
eCommerce and Online Store
Integration with Stripe*Will assist you setup an account in to receive payments through your website.
Sell Offers and Promotions
Custom Services*Create custom services to sell to specific customers
Industry Booking Forms*Ex: Moving booking forms, cleaning booking forms, etc.
Order Management System
Convert Orders to Appointments
Credit Card Charges 2.9% +
30¢ per transaction*This is Stripe charges. We don't charge a commission on eCommerce transactions.
Assistance in setting up website *We will help you setup the pages, upload content and images, setup domain, etc.
(One time fees) - Optional
$399 $399 $399
Support by Email
Support by Phone
Start for Free Start for Free Start for Free

Frequently Asked Question

Do I have to pay hosting charges under any of your plans?

No, hosting is free with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.

What is included in the setup fees?

Our team of developers and graphic designers will help create up to 7 pages in your website using your chosen design from our templates and design elements. Also they will help upload the content and images to those pages.

Is content writing and making graphics and images included in the setup price?

No, it is not included. However, please send us an email and we will provide you with a competitive pricing for content and graphics development.

I see that you provide quotation forms and booking forms. Will you charge me extra for those?

No. The price of quotation forms and booking forms is already included in the professional and eCommerce plan.

The quotation or booking form I need is not available in the website builder?

if you are signed up under the professional or eCommerce, please send an email to with your requirement and will create those forms for you.

How do I contact you if I need help?

Please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.