Offers and promotions

Create offers and timed promotions to increase sales.

Run promotions and increase revenue

Run promotions at your own terms

Run timed promotions and offers on some or all your listings and services


Include an original and discounted price and quantities for each service variation.

Promotion end date

Set a promotion end date for the offers to automatically expire.

Expiry date

Set an automatic expiry date for each offer so booked services are expired at the set expiry date.

Promo Codes

Share promotion codes with customers to apply at checkout time.

Cloud Telephony Screen

Designed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

By assigning virtual numbers to each channel, you will understand the volume of business coming from each one.

This will help you reduce cost while increasing revenue, making your business more profitable.

Call log history

Never miss a lead in the future, even if you missed a call, it will be logged in the lead dashboard.

Get automatically notified by email and sms for new leads. Even missed calls will be logged in the leads dashboard to be actioned later.

Call Log Screen